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Tucked into the hilly shores of Lake Sammamish, it’s no wonder ownership here is around 85%.


Welcome to Sammamish

A conscious balance of nature and urban structures that completely reflects the Pacific Northwest.

We’re talking big houses, lake access and a lot of Microsoft money, since many here adhere to the philosophy of it’s better to live close to where you work. Beautiful year round, Sammamish is a buffer community between the growing urban landscape and the trees beyond.

Tucked into the hilly shores of Lake Sammamish, it’s no wonder ownership here is around 85%. This lakeside haven has one foot in the coolest architectural trends, and the other on an open trail at any time. Families thrive here as naturally as the trees that surround the neighborhood.

What to Expect

Family-centric outdoor living at its finest. A work hard play hard ethos that permeates everything.

Sammamish has some of the most competitive schools in the state—for both sports and academics. And it helps that Forbes ranked it the friendliest town in the country. With Tiger Mt, Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Si close by, there’s more than enough going on to feed a healthy imagination.

The Lifestyle

Up here, residents live for the weekend— but everyday is an opportunity to stay active and soak up the surroundings.

Beaver Lake and Pine Lake are the two biggest in Sammamish (aside from Sammamish itself, of course), surrounded by miles of trails that connect to a regional trail system. There’s boating, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing—along with a string of parks that stay busy year round.

Unexpected Appeal

Sunsets on the water; feels like your own private daily retreat.

Life on the Plateau comes with a lot of room to roam, whether it’s along miles of trails and shoreline, or around the area’s new shopping centers. Every day’s a new adventure!

The Market

Rental spaces make up only 15% of the market in these parts. Competition is fierce; and for several very good reasons—proximity to the lakes, good schools, the mountains, and upscale shopping to name a few.

You'll Fall in Love With

Forty-foot conifers wherever you look and plenty of reasons to break out your bike.

Let the upscale outdoor lifestyle envelope you; it’s hard to resist. And get ready for some the most spectacular and family-friendly summers in all the Pacific Northwest. Hiking, biking, boating, swimming and parks galore—or, just sit in the silvery sunlight and soak it in.

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