Meet Eric & Renee Reese

Meet Eric & Renee Reese

Eric & Renee Reese believe that their clients need as much information as possible in order to make the best decisions for their individual goals. Delivering on this belief is just one reason why Eric & Renee are so successful on Seattle’s Greater Eastside real estate. With that in mind, they have created as a comprehensive real estate resource. You can browse available properties, catch up on market trends, access valuable tips and more by logging on today.

A Unique Perspective in Real Estate

When dealing with something as important as your home, it’s critical you have the right perspective on your side. On Seattle’s Greater Eastside, longtime real estate professionals Eric & Renee Reese have been providing their clients with A Unique Perspective for many years. Their insights and advice are sure to guide your home sale or purchase to a successful conclusion. Give them a call today to experience A Unique Perspective in Real Estate.

Whether soaring above the puget sound or assisting their clients,
Eric and Renee always bring a unique perspective to everything they do.

“The views are amazing!” That’s the best and most succinct way to describe flying above the Greater Seattle area. Peering out the window of a six-seat Aerostar 702P, Eric & Renee Reese enjoy taking in the rolling topography, the stunning peak of Mt. Rainier, the abundance of deep green trees and the majesty of the shimmering blue waters of Puget Sound.

The unique perspective it provides on the land below is amazing, indeed!

As a professional pilot and self-professed aviation nut, Eric loves few things more than flying. It’s fitting that he and Renee actually met at Boeing Field, where she worked for Galvin Flying Service in the flight line office and he was a pilot. In fact, on their first date, he took her up in a Piper Seneca and they went to Walla Walla, where they spent the day together.


A True Love Story

In the 39 years since, Eric & Renee married, raised three kids and played several different roles on a professional basis. Eric is a former engineer who combined his experience as a pilot with his entrepreneurial spirit to open a successful flight school. What started with one plane turned into a dynamic learning center with 19 various aircraft for student use. Meanwhile, Renee did the hard work of raising the kids before becoming a successful part of the sales team for Shea Homes.

It was in 2004 that Eric & Renee combined their diverse traits and skills to form a premier real estate team serving Seattle’s Greater Eastside. With Eric’s business savvy & negotiations skills and Renee’s outgoing personality & eye for design, they make the ideal team, providing their valued clients with two unique perspectives throughout the sale or purchase of a home.
marketing experts

Where Eric & Renee truly shine is in the marketing of properties. After listening carefully to their clients’ objectives, Renee begins the process by staging the home to show in its best light. Eric then uses his professional photography skills to make sure your home stands out in the crowded marketplace. He even does video tours and shoots aerial photographs when a property has unique features that warrants it. When you add it all up, Eric & Renee are expert marketers with a strategic plan that ensures your home will receive maximum exposure, which leads to a greater return on investment.

A Unique Perspective in Real Estate

Despite their unique skill sets, Eric & Renee are bonded by their shared commitment to their clients and genuine passion for real estate. They are extremely professional in their approach and strive to help their clients make the most of their move every step of the way.

Are you considering buying or selling a home on Seattle’s Greater Eastside
Eric and Renee Reese will give your A Unique Perspective in a successful real estate journey.

Two Unique Professionals. One Powerful Real Estate Team.

Meet the longtime residents of Seattle’s Eastside whose unique perspective is making a positive difference in the lives of their clients!

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Eric and Renee Reese and The Reese Team all came to real estate with an entrepreneurial spirit that infuses the way they work with each client. This can-do approach reveals itself through their dogged perseverance to deliver on clients’ needs and the utmost professionalism with which they list and sell homes on the Greater East Side and around Seattle. They’ve also assembled a comprehensive real-estate resource here on Browse available properties, catch up on market trends, and watch their VLOG’s to get a feel for what The Reese Team can do for you.
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